Core Values

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December 2022
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Mission Statement

"E.J. McQuigge Lodge is committed to the philosophy of resident-centred care and we strive for excellence in providing compassionate quality care." 

Core Values

  • Work together to ensure efficient use of our resources.
  • Take personal responsibility for making E.J. McQuigge Lodge a better place to live.
  • Honour communication, diversity and teamwork.
  • Treat each person and their environment with respect, dignity and compassion.
  • Continue to build meaningful partnerships in our community.
  • Ensure staff, volunteers, residents and families have appropriate input into decisions that affect them.

Our New Logo was developed in partnership with our Residents, families, staff and stakeholders.

Significance of the colours

  • The Symbol is a visual representation of cooperation, teamwork, and diversity - multiple colours touching, joined together to create a singular entity
  • R‚Äčed symbolizes love, energy, excitement and is attention-grabbing
  • Blue symbolizes trust, dependability, loyalty and commitment
  • Yellow evokes feelings of happiness and enlightenment
  • Green is a refreshing colour that represents good health, balance and tranquillity