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Fall Outbreak Prevention Preparedness | September 2023

Influenza immunization will be available here at our home, to residents, beginning the second week of October. We anticipate having influenza vaccine available to families shortly after.

COVID-19 outbreaks in local long term care homes continue to be on the rise, in addition to outbreaks caused by other respiratory organisms

Due to this we are implementing further measures to keep everyone safe and do our best to prevent an outbreak at our home:

• All visitors to the home are required to screen themselves for symptoms of illness and sign into the log book
• All visitors who have not received a COVID booster in the last 12 months will continue to require a rapid test on entry, that must be negative to proceed with visit (palliative visits excluded)
• Beginning September 21, 2023, all persons who enter our home will be required to wear a blue procedure mask at all times during their visit (outside visits excluded)
• If you have had contact with anyone who is ill please delay your visit for a couple days to ensure you are not becoming ill

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