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New Guidance – Spring 2024

  • Recommended that residents and those over 65 receive a Spring 2024 COVID-19 vaccine targeted to those individuals at higher risk for severe illness
  • It will be the XBB COVID vaccine
  • This will be occurring in May for our Home

Effective May 1, 2024

  • Previous COVID-19 guidance documents have been revoked

All Visitors –

Active screening will continue – this means staff will be asking you questions and taking your temperature on arrival and you must be negative for any symptoms of illness to enter

  • You are not permitted to visit while ill unless it is for palliative reasons
  • Please do not bring sick children into our home
  • Staff must witness all visitors perform hand hygiene upon arrival
  • No mask is required unless you are ill and visiting a palliative resident
  • Visitors who have not received a COVID-19 booster in the last 12 months do not need to complete a Rapid Test on arrival
  • With the nice weather coming we encourage outdoor visits
  • If you begin to feel ill during your visit please immediately place on a mask, perform hand hygiene and inform the nurse right away. You will be asked to leave

It is expected these procedures will change with the next respiratory illness season this fall

If we should go into Outbreak

  • Masks will be required to visit

  • General visitation will be postponed, only Essential Caregivers will be allowed to visit

  • The number of Essential Caregivers permitted to visit at one time could be limitedYou can only visit your loved one, and physical distancing from other residents will be required

  • Please speak with the Charge Nurse or Office upon arrival for outbreak procedure updates
  • Resident meals will most likely be served in their rooms
    • Group activities will be postponed
    • If you are visiting an ill resident during an outbreak you will be required to wear all personal protective equipment
    • If your loved one is the roommate of an ill resident they will also be isolated for a time period while staff continue to assess for developing illness

If you have questions at any time please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for keeping our Home Safe.

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