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Educational Information for Families

Health and Safety

Safety is an integral part of all care and services provided at this facility.There is an active Occupational Health and Safety/ Infection Control Committee with representation from all departments. This committee meets quarterly and reviews audit information, outbreak information, infection rates, safety and risk issues, near misses in the facility and any concerns whiqh are…

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Complaints Information

Do You Have a Concern or Complaint About a Long-Term Care Home? If you do, take action and help improve care for residents. Follow the home’s complaint process Homes are required to have a written complaint procedure and post it wherepeople can see it. They are also required to respond to concerns and complaints. OR…

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Resident Safety Management

E.J. McQuigge Lodge is committed to open and honest discussions with residents/families when residents have suffered harm.  E.J. McQuigge Lodge defines this communication process with residents/families as disclosure. E.J. McQuigge Lodge is also committed, when it is appropriate, to disclosure when a resident has experienced a close call.  In these situations, disclosure is discretionary and…

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Residents Role in Patient Safety

Residents have an important role to play in their health care and their involvement and participation in their care should be encouraged. Throughout the entire continuum of care, there are many opportunities for residents to be involved in decisions about their care. Through an active dialogue between resident and provider, residents can be equipped with…

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A.H. Falls Prevention

Achieva’s Falls Prevention Program is aimed at increasing Residents’ mobility and function by increasing their strength and balance. Upon implementation of the Falls Prevention Program, Residents will learn appropriate strengthening and balancing exercises that will help prevent falls and increase their confidence to ambulate safely. Upon implementation of the Falls Prevention Program, Residents will learn…

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Risk Management Plan

PURPOSE The Risk Management Program is a facility wide systematic process of identification, assessment, action implementation, and evaluation of actions taken to prevent, minimize and manage clinical, administrative, environmental, occupational health and safety risks within the facility. The focus of the risk management program is two fold:

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