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Safety is an integral part of all care and services provided at this facility.
There is an active Occupational Health and Safety/ Infection Control Committee with representation from all departments. This committee meets quarterly and reviews audit information, outbreak information, infection rates, safety and risk issues, near misses in the facility and any concerns whiqh are related to safety for our residents or staff. There is a joint recorded physical inspection of the workplace done monthly, by members of staff and management. All concerns are addressed immediately.

Minutes of the Occupational Health and Safety and Infection Control Committee are posted so that all staff are aware of committee activity. Operational concerns are forwarded to the appropriate manager for immediate follow-up.
Fire Drills are held on all three shifts each month giving staff an opportunity to practice safety precautions. A Witnessed Fire Drill is held annually with the local fire department present. A mock Evacuation Exercise is held every three years to allow staff and community partners an opportunity to practice safe evacuation procedures. The building is equipped with fire and smoke-detectors which are monitored 24-hours by a monitoring company which is linked to the fire department. If you are visiting during a fire drill please adhere to staff instructions.

Download the Complete 2023 Health & Safety Information Sheet

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